Author: Tonya J. Hernandez

Filing Personal Bankruptcy? Find The Right Lawyer First.

Diving home prices, out of control mortgage expenses, credit card debt, job loss and health problems are among the reasons why millions of American consumers have found themselves in a financial pickle. Some consumers made poor choices leading to their present dire straits while others encountered external forces which have rendered themselves vulnerable. Last Resort […]

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Should you save your home from foreclosure?

Should you save your home from foreclosure? I often have clients ask if they can save their home from foreclosure with bankruptcy. Sometimes, through bankruptcy filing, the answer is yes. However, I think that the better question is “should I save my home from foreclosure”. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether you […]

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There is no shame in bankruptcy!

I would like to get personal on the subject of bankruptcy. Far too often, my clients feel a tremendous amount of sadness and shame about filing bankruptcy (hence the large jar of chocolates and tissues I keep at my desk). You don’t need to feel guilty about filing bankruptcy. I see hard working people struggling […]

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