Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Laws Explained

There are perhaps two major aspects to filing under the chapter 7 bankruptcy laws, one positive, and one […]

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Filing Personal Bankruptcy? Find The Right Lawyer First.

Diving home prices, out of control mortgage expenses, credit card debt, job loss and health problems are among […]

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Should you save your home from foreclosure?

Should you save your home from foreclosure? I often have clients ask if they can save their home […]

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Beware of Debt Settlement Fraud

The Better Business Bureau and Government Accountability Office are urging consumers to beware of some debt settlement companies. […]

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Emotional Health: One of the Best Reasons to File Bankruptcy

I recently met a very distressed couple. They received a notice of default on their home and were […]

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Keep More of Your Property in Bankruptcy

As of 2010, people facing bankruptcy have a bit of good news. Bankruptcy Exemptions have increased for California […]

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